Saville Township was created in 1817.  It was the last, 7th, of the original 7 townships. Portions of Saville were later used to create both Centre and Madison Townships.

Our township was formerly a part of Tyrone Township from the time of its formation in 1754, until 1817, when Saville was made a township.  The Cumberland County court accepted the petition on June 24, 1817, and the new township was named Saville. Saville is one of the largest townships in the county, containing approximately forty square miles with the main stream being the buffalo creek. Besides agriculture, early history of the township shows several industries within its boundaries, such as sawmills, distilleries, a couple tanneries and the Ligett Foundary, plus Saville township had several grist and flour mills within its boundaries.These mills were the Ickes Mill, Lower Shuman Mill, Upper Shuman Mill and the Smith Mill. 

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