Ordinance No. 1-88 Building Permits
Ordinance No. 3-88  Establishing Max. Speed Limits
Ordinance No. 93.1 Valley Cable Systems
Ordinance No. 94.9 Holding Tanks 
Ordinance No.95.5  Establishing Max. Speed Limits
Ordinance No.95.6  Establishing Handicapped Parking Zones 
Ordinance No.98.1  Assessment & Collection of Taxes 
Ordinance 2 of 2000  Addressing System 
Ordinance 3 of 2000  Establishing Regulated Traffic 
Ordinance 2002.2  Joining Perry County Council of Governments 
Ordinance 04.2  Construction Code 
Ordinance 7.06  Setting Schedule of Attorney Fees 
Ordinance 5.07  Subdivision & Land Development 
Ordinance 2008-6  Establishing Max. Speed Limits 
Ordinance 2009-1  Building Permits 
Ordinance 2015-5  Yard Sales 
 Policy Snow Removal
 Ordinance 5-2017  New - Nuisances Ordinance


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